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NEOBOTANIK is a creative digital agency where bold talent meets your brave ideas

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Towards a
future in
full bloom

We grow brands who have a lasting influence on our culture. Then we help press them between the pages of history.

We go beneath the collective perma-culture, breaking the ground with your new ideas and our multicultural blend of talented gardeners.

We work in new aesthetics. Things that you’ve never seen before, because it’s never existed before now.

We see the beauty in the mutation. When doing things differently is what makes you fit for the future.

How does our garden grow
We work with our brands, not just because they move us, but because they move us forward, towards a more ideal future.

Senai Solommon,
Founder and CEO

Roots That Roam the World

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Our clients are only as alike as their love of new ideas, doing things differently, and marching to the beat of their own drum.

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The world is changing. We need courageous thinkers and brave innovations. And brands who are driven by visionaries who are unafraid of breaking out of the mold, of experimental rebellion and doing things differently. These people know that limitless imagination gives way to limitless possibility. And their brands become landmarks along the course of history, forever in bloom as we march into the future

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Senai Solommon