Than the
Sum of Its

A Commitment
to Connection

The logo for DEI Club was inspired by the idea that connection and intersectionality are central to what the organization is all about.

Concentric, interlocking circles convey a sense of shared interests and unity, as well as the general idea of overlapping and collaborative communities.

That the letters, "D", "E" and "I" occupy their own shapes communicates that these constructs are distinct, yet equally important.


The tagline “Everyone’s Invited” aims to capture the inclusive spirit of the club, circumventing the idea that a club is a restricted space, open to only a selected few.


The aim of DEI Club is to include anyone who believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are a wonderful thing, regardless of who they are or what title they hold.

No ally is an island.

We need each other.

Because much in the same way that our modern workplaces are enriched by a mosaic of interweaving cultures, experiences, talents and tendencies, the DEI community is enriched by the participation of every person who believes diversity is awonderful thing — Not just those who hold a title.

Every person contributes something unique. And when we come together to share knowledge and support each other, we create something that’s so much more than just the sum of its parts.

DEI club is a place to consciously connect and collaborate with each other. And to contribute perspectives that enrich the colour our whole community.

To become an integral piece of the big picture...

Join the club. Everyone’s invited.

No Ally Is
An Island

The DEI Brand book captures the spirit of the organisation's mission and reflects its distinctly inclusive tone of voice through both imagery and written expression.


The website accomplishes the targeting of several disparate user groups through customised UX solutions. It also contexualises DEI Club for various personas in a way that is at once visually exciting and motivational.

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Neobotanik has created a digital space for DEI Club to continue fostering a more inclusive world of workplaces by celebrating our unique perspectives and embracing diversity. 

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem.

Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.



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