Hornsleth NFT Project


A Hostile

The Hornsleth NFT project was meant to define the internationally renowned artist’s entry point into the global NFT market. As with most NFT projects, our task was to create a website that would assist the Hornsleth team in generating significant hype around the project ahead of the minting date, in order to cultivate value and create a sense of urgency for acquiring the limited number of NFTs for sale.

The website needed to promote the project, inform visitors about the philosophy behind the artwork, and keep prospective buyer aprised of when and how to buy the NFTs.

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Is possession “9/10th of the law”
when it comes to digital ownership
and intellectual property?
We’ll see…

The aesthetics were designed to evoke a feeling of luxurious insurgency —‚ arresting and rebellious but expensive, intellectual and stylish.


Commandeer your future by joining up with Denmark’s most well-known disruptor and letting the crypto-current take you to the distant shores of the metaverse, where ownership is up for grabs and status is determined by the ability to see the shape of digital things to come. Exploring questions around authenticity and ownership in the digital realm, the Hornsleth NFT project features original artwork from internationally recognised artist, Kristian Von Hornsleth. Commenting on consumer capitalism, the NFT market itself, and commercial data mining, “Rebels of Wealth” encourages individuals to take back control from inside the ether. Captain Hornsleth now invites you to join his band of rebellious pirates and participate in the takeover of such intangibles as digital artwork and status-driven luxury brands. The ongoing project flips a virtual “middle finger” at the idea of intellectual property, while centering the figureheads who have largely orchestrated this age of privacy piracy.

Expanding worlds

The NFT team wanted to convey the idea that this project was the first of a number of Hornsleth NFT projects to come.

Therefore, the idea of a quasi-gamified “digital map” was developed to let visitors know that the current project was part of a large and expanding world of digital disruption.


Because visitors to the site were likely to include members of the non-digital Hornsleth community, the written and visual content on the site needed to appeal to prospective buyer’s aesthetic and philosophical sensibilities, while offering guidance to those who may be new to the NFT market.

To entice prospective buyers who may not yet know Hornsleth as an artist, a video was created to inform about Hornsleth’s work and prestige.

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Neobotanik has created a digitally sea-worthy vessel for the Hornsleth NFT team to continue promoting and developing their world of disruption for as long as they want. The introductory collection sold out in four days with total sales in excess of 2.2 million danish kroner.

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem. Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.