The word is of French origins and means to be dressed very elegantly or well groomed.

French men are regarded by many as having refined sense of style. Much in the way that Scandinavia is known for clean, modern design, we felt that French style conjured a notion of well-styled elegance.

A shirt from Soigné promotes the performance of our characters. When the shirt is pulled over the body, it hides tattoos and scars, both physical and mental. A bath, a shave, and the cleanliness of the shirt provide a restart at all hours of the day. In a fresh shirt, nothing can stop them. Both men and women look on with fascination, respect and admiration. Not just sending a signal to the outside world, but also inwards. When observing himself in the shirt, our hero grows calm.  The purity of the shirt reminds them of what they are heading towards and what they are fighting for. Encouraged by the classic masculine look that generations of men in history have created before him, his behavior and gait become more sophisticated.

Instinct of Elegance

We wanted to create a world where we could bring the elegant, effortlessly well-dressed man back into fashion.

We also sought to create accessibility and add modern depth and diversity to the man who would wear Soigné shirts by carefully shaping the world in which he moved.

The main character comes from a harsh suburban environment. His past rumbles with conflict. But his winning mind and discipline have taken him into a new world.

He now moves in the world where old money is invested in young dreams.

A world of economic vibration and he is selling dreams in a constantly changing and unpredictable market.

The story is:

Self. Made.

There’s style in every stitch

Sewn in the shape of your greatest ambitions is an e-commerce platform that stitches the business together. A stylish webshop, it’s custom-tailored to manifest the instinct of elegance for true gentlemen.

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The promo video for Soigné shows our hero moving from day to night, with calm confidence and styled for success.

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Neobotanik has build an entire world for Soigné, one that will invite visitors to manifest the Instinct of Elegance.

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem.

Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.




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