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The WOK aesthetic conveys a contemporary atmosphere that reflects the enlightened and forward-looking philosophy behind the brand, when it comes to both the food service industry and raw ingredients.


Customers immediately feel that a decision to eat at WOK is a clean and healthy choice among other takeaway restaurants, firmly positioning it as an affordable luxury.


The WOK colour story and visual style reflect the Eastern influence and inspiration inherit to both the cuisine and interior design at the locations.

Depth of flavour
     Depth of feeling

A WOK interior skilfully injects wholesome Scandinavian design sensibilities with Eastern warmth and a commitment to food with deeply layered flavour profiles.

The addition of peaceful aquarium installations in all locations has created a truly nuanced space that serves as a ”time out” from urban congestion, setting it apart from the hustle and bustle often experienced at “fast-food” establishments.

made local

We have designed a digital communication and order system between the WOK central kitchen and outpost shops to optimise and prepare for expansion of the WOK network.

In the promo video for WOK’s new airport location, the restaurant’s head chef gracefully travels through a work day where east meets west to create an exciting experience for patrons.

We have created a smoking hot new website that cooks up the ingredients that make up the WOK spirit and menu.

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Neobotanik has created a website that merges the clean and stylish Scandinavian aesthetic with the signature spices of the East, giving visitors a sense of what they can expect to experience with every visit to their local WOK store.

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem.

Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.



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