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A Way

The logo design for STARC was derived from the idea that STARC would be an arc for students, representing a directional trajectory, a way forward, the path toward a more enriched life through education.

Derived from the image of the front of a ship, the decision was made to use the A from the name and bring it forward symbolically.


Empowering students.
Enriching society.

The look and feel of the STARC platform needed to convey the amplified simplicity integral to its core offering as a means of bridging major gaps in the current educational system, worldwide.

The platform needed to be simple and minimal. That simplicity is also represented in its more advanced elements. It attempts to streamline the user experience in a. It amplifies it by simplifying it.

We wanted to make education feel like a lifestyle.

The Face of Education

The Starc brand is about people. It’s about diversity of backgrounds, interests and talents.

The brand greatly appeals to edgy, first-movers. It appeals to those who desire a platform
from which to promote change and challenge the status quo.

For the look and feel of the brand, we wanted to step away from what could be perceived
as traditional and move towards developing a modern but inviting user experience.

To this end, we incorporated many elements from social media and, by allowing common interests
and talents to be made more transparent, have created a space where it’s cool to be clever. is inspired by a minimalist, creative and neo-aesthetic world. A world where education exists in harmony with technology, art and diversity in a beautiful and model universe.

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Neobotanik produced an interview with the visionary founder of Starc, Ansar Yawar, to discuss his ambitions for cultivating a future with equal educational opportunities for all.

Website Design
Visual Identity
Brand Video Concept Logo Design

Neobotanik has created a Starc universe that is both inviting and sophisticated, one that will help the brand showcase its educational offerings for students, teachers, institutions and parents alike.

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem.

Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.




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