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What’s in a name?

The name Sønday was inspired by the dream of being able to have that magical Sunday vibe with you every day of the week.

The Ø in Sønday represents the brand’s fierce Scandinavian origin.

It also helps convey that all Søndag sets are made of organic (økologisk) cotton.


Sønday designs are smart casual and made to look as good as they feel in a range of settings, from family dinners or café catch-ups to the Monday morning meeting. Therefore, the word “Everyday” was implemented into the logo in order to convey unlimited styling possibilities throughout the week.

The Ties That

Unpacking the feeling of family bind

The point of creative departure for Sønday was the feeling the founder, Nisar Yawar, has when he’s spending time with his son.

This sentiment creates a thread that travels through the brand, a touchstone for how the visuals and tone of the brand should feel.

I love track suits. I have been wearing them since I was a child. And when my son, Malik, was born, I found myself searching for a set that we could rock together. Something matching, something that would say to the world, “he’s with me, and we’re an inseparable team”. And so, the vision of Sønday was born. The name Sønday was inspired by the dream of being able to have that magical Sunday vibe with you every day of the week. The relaxed feeling you have when the rhythm of the day is slow, and you are exactly where you want to be. When you only share your time and spirit with those you love the most, whether it's your child, brother or girlfriend. You know...the people who can knock on your door on a Sunday without it feeling like an intrusion. I designed the Sønday suit to have a stylish fit, I can wear it out in town on lowkey days.

A large part of the Sønday branding concept centers around the idea of building a familial community of customers. A tribe, a crew, a group of like-feeling people.

in the family?

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The Sønday webshop is geared toward selling whole sets and family packages, as opposed to single, individual products, as in other traditional webshops.

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For the Sønday branding film, we wanted to capture the warm, intimate and truly comfortable feeling that comes with hanging out with your closest friends and family.

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Neobotanik has created a tribe for Sønday. It’s one that will help the brand continue to build a community around its special feeling and signature looks.

Whether it’s building websites or branding whole worlds, Neobotanik will help create whatever elements are needed to take ideas from seed to flourishing stem.

Neobotanik is bringing brands into full bloom.